Ashley Schaeffer
Ashley Schaeffer
Ashley Schaeffer is the owner of the local car dealership. He seems to emulate the look and mannerisms of Ric Flair (as he was in the 1980's). This isn't surprising, as Ric Flair was incredibly popular in that time period in the Mid-South territory. Ashley is vain, charismatic, violent, vengeful, lustful, loud, arrogant, and very, very self-assured. This is the main reason he is an antagonist to Kenny Powers; they are alike in many ways; the main difference between the two is that Ashley has little to no redeeming qualities at all, while Kenny's bravado is mainly just amped bluster to compensate for the fact that he is no longer in the majors. Ashley thus goes out of his way to humiliate and bring Kenny down in any way, shape, or form he sees fit.