Guy Young is the host of the show "The Sports Sesh"; and boss and former teammate/antagonist of Kenny Powers in Season 4.


Kenny met and became friends with Guy when they were teammates together in San Francisco, fifteen years before the start of Season 4. Some time after his Major League career, Guy Young started to host a sports-related talk show called the Sports Sesh, similar to shows produced for ESPN/Fox Sports. It is implied that he has hosted the show for a number of years, prior to Kenny and Guy meeting again. Kenny and Guy reconnect at first, over their shared history as Major League players and common interests. Guy even sees that Kenny isn't truly happy in his current life, and decides to help his old friend by giving him a guest-starring spot on the Sesh. Things don't go well at first, as an obnoxious and outgoing co-host named Dontell completely embarrasses and humiliates Kenny in his first appearance. Guy, having sensed Dontell to be a threat to "his" spot for awhile now, utilizes the opportunity to invite Kenny back to the show for a second chance, and things go much better for Kenny. Kenny turns the tables on Dontell, and basically takes his spot on the program. This emboldens and empowers Kenny, while slowly infuriating Guy, as he now sees Kenny's popularity as a threat (similar to how he viewed Dontell).

Personality and TraitsEdit

Physically, Guy Young is tall, well-built, and handsome. He is clean-shaven, and looks younger than his middle-age would imply. Despite being retired from the Majors for awhile at the start of season 4, he still works out on a regular basis, and thus is in top condition. He is seen leaving a Gold's Gym in one episode, and shortly after, he displays that his physical prowess is great enough to completely overwhelm a huge man who punches at him; indeed, Guy dominates the fight, and the gigantic man doesn't land one hit. Guy is arrogant (though outwardly kind), lustful, jealous, narcissistic, and cruel. He is very protective of what he sees as "his spot", and will not brook any impudence or defiance from anyone. He is also very impulsive, and vindictive, although he tends to hide this very well.