Kenny Powers
Kenny Powers


Kenny Powers is a former major league pitcher who has squandered his millions of dollars In an unknown fashion) and now has to go back to his hometown and live with his reformed brother Dustinand his wife Cassie and take a job at the local school as a gym teacher. Kenny's a boisterous loud-mouth who lives in the mindset that he is better than everybody else, because he is Kenny Powers, this however, soon becomes a harsh reality that he's not in the big leagues anymore. Thus, Kenny must re-adjust to small-town life and the realization that he won't simply be treated like a king for being a former Major League star.


Kenny Powers has a brash and abrasive personality, which was the ultimate reason for his demise in baseball (and yet, also contributed to his popularity). He engages in all vices, from alcohol, to sexual promiscuity, to violence. He is extremely cocky--he listens to motivational/inspirational tapes of himself speaking.

Baseball CareerEdit

Kenny Powers was once a famous and popular pitcher in major league baseball. However, his outrageous popularity eventually led to a downfall, which had to do with cocaine and steroid use, as well as his brash and rude statements to the press. Despite this steroid abuse, much humor is derived from the contrast between Kenny's pitching skills and his below-average physique. Kenny, despite being a former Major League baseball pitcher, is terribly out of shape, fat, nearly middle-aged, and willfully ignorant.

Relationship with AprilEdit

Kenny Powers' main love interest throughout Season 1 is April Buchanon, his high school sweetheart, who he meets again when he must work at his old middle school as a physical education teacher (where April now works as an art teacher). He arrogantly tries to win her back, and at first she is disgusted by him. In addition, she is engaged to the school principal, Terrence Cutler. However, he eventually wins April back after he hears he is going to be accepted into the major league again, and she agrees to leave Terrence. Unfortunately for Kenny, he realizes the deal is off, and he leaves April at a gas station and goes off to Mexico, too embarrassed to tell her about the deal.

At the end of Season 2, Kenny returns back to North Carolina and sees April, who is pregnant with his child. In the beginning of Season 3, Kenny attempts to be a part of his son's life. The child, named Toby, turns one, and Kenny attends his party and gives him a Playstation much to April's disappointment. April agrees to go out with Kenny for one night, but when Kenny wakes up the next morning, April has skipped down and left him with Toby.