Stevie Janowski
Stevie Janowski

Stevie Janowski is another teacher at the middle school Kenny Powers has to work at during Season 1. He is an underdog and generally doesn't understand when Kenny insults him, which is quite often. He likes Kenny and is basically nice to everyone. He and Kenny were schoolmates, and although he remembers Kenny, Kenny doesn't remember him. 

Stevie becomes enamored of sorts with Kenny and begins to assist Kenny in various ways on his "comeback". Stevie puts together a video for Kenny and he begins to neglect his work at School with his classes. He begins to have his students march out to the field (much to Principal Cutler's chagrin) as a mixed class in order to be with Kenny. Towards the end of the season when Kenny is called to Tampa Stevie sells his Lease and quits his job as a teacher in order to go with Kenny. However Kenny leaves him home and does not allow him to go to Tampa. 


Stevie is seen working at a coffeeshop and is miserable. Afterwhich he decides to track down his long lost friend Kenny Powers. He does so by tracking his credit history. It sems like Kenny has been using his credit card as a means to support himself. Steive interprets this as a  message from Kenny and assumes Kenny is leaving him a virtual trail of breadcrumbs and tracks down Kenny to Mexico. He hides out in Kenny's home and when Kenny arrives he shoots him thinking he is an intruder. Kenny has his downstairs neighbors help him out and heal him in order to avoid any unnessecary contact with the authorities. He then meets his future wife Maria and is married to her there in Mexico much to Kenny's disapproval. Stevie then returns to America with Kenny and Maria for his deal in Myrtle Beach. 


Stevie is miserable with his new wife due to her imposing cousins in his home. He is then offered to publish Kenny's memoirs and the book fails. He accepts the blame from Kenny ( Much to Maria's disapproval) and assumes the debt on top of the debt from Kenny's previous squandering. After April abandons Toby with Kenny, Kenny begs Stevie to come to Myrtle beach with him. Stevie accepts and Maria disagrees. She asks Stevie to set up some ground rules in order to avoid further hazing and squandering from Kenny. Which Kenny accepts. Stevie begins a rivalry with Kenny's friend Shane K Gerald a catcher on Kenny's team The Mermen. Stevie also begins to contemplate cheating on his wife due to all the attractive women in Myrtle Beach.